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Recycled Arts: 
From Trash to Treasure
Sketch Collective Classes
Core Drawing is a ten week course that engages in a strong foundation in materials and techniques with equal emphasis on personal expression and skill. Each lesson will present a new drawing technique which will be implemented by teacher demonstrations, in class observational studies, and homework assignments. 

All levels of Core Drawing emphasize the importance of life drawing. Courses will build upon one another to create an individualized approach from which to observe, describe, and compose objects in space through the study of line, value, tone and texture. The material covered in class will be created to nurture and enrich the student's individual skill as well as to enhance the overall class.
In order to extend the learning process, students will be encouraged to keep a daily sketchbook to bring the classroom lessons into their personal practice. By the end of the course students will have the tool set to approach drawing as a mode of seeing, and gain a better understanding, knowledge, and ability to draw from observation. 

Although our classes are often grouped by age level, we do customize our programs to our students. A small class size of 8 allows us to focus attention with a 4:1 ratio of teaching and supervision so all may benefit.

A class for all ages where each student will be using old, used, found and recycled materials to create new, vibrant works of art. Projects vary depending upon materials available but may include making collages, sketchbooks, masks, and recycled jewelry and accessories. The goal is to think of creative ways to re-use materials as a way of creating a new approach to our art practice. 
Core Drawing:

Early (ages 5-6)

One (ages 6-9)

Two (ages 10-13)

Drawing courtesy Jaime Longa.